Wife for one Day
Thach N. Truong
"My God, look at my fate,
While I labor in so many ways,
My wife has a good time at home every day,
For once, let me be idle for one day."

The next day I become a woman,
I wake up well before my dear husband,
I make coffee and prepare breakfast,
I get everything ready for my children.

His coffee waiting for him, he wakes up,
Finishes his breakfast, goes straight to his car,
Says "bye" and speeds afar,
Now the kids' turn: "Hurry up!"

They keep eating and drinking,
I am busy with so many things,
I wash the dishes; I clean the kitchen,
Prodding them into the car.

They go to schools in different directions.
I get back home, hoping to catch my breath,
I look around, and see all the toys littered,
I hasten to gather them in a corner.

What a mess with their laundries,
The washer now mixes and tumbles continuously,
Three trash cans to pull to the street corner,
Then from the closet I pull out the vacuum cleaner.

A quick look around: the house is in order,
I congratulate myself "almost over."
I see my powder box in front of me,
But suddenly my empty stomach makes me quiver.

I look at the clock above,
One o'clock, I've forgotten my breakfast.
I have to run, I have to fetch my youngest,
To bring him home and give him lunch.

Two o'clock now, it's time to go once more,
The oldest two are waiting for me to pick them up.
The kids are home; let's have more food,
Lunch is over now, all lightened up.

I tutor them for a full hour,
I open the fridge, and start cooking,
Preparing dinner, both hands continue moving,
So food is ready when he gets home.

He finishes his meal, leaves the table,
Goes to the sofa, props his leg up,
Turns the TV on, and watches football,
While I go on with cleaning it all.

I am trying to get some rest in my bed,
By his sweet words of love, I am impressed.
The morning after, exhausted all over, I pray:
"My God,
Make me a man again."

God says:
"My son, be patient,
It's too late to reverse your decision,
Last night you succumbed to temptation,
No turning back, now that you're pregnant."

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