Motherly Love
Thach Ngoc Truong
     Yesterday's mothers:
     Soaked in rain, sunburned,
     Hands in mud, feet in dirt,
     In fog, in winds,
     Without complaint
     Not minding anything.
     They worked in sweat
     Their clothes in rags
     Their body exhausted
     Shedding their tears
     Pinching every penny
     Watching over their children growth.
     Our eternal love
     To you mothers.

     Today's mothers:
     All day long busy,
     Fixing their hair with one hand
     Putting on lipstick with the other.
     In stylish clothing
     In their glimmering cars.
     Early in the morning
     They rush to the kitchen
     Make breakfast for the kids
     Drive them to school.
     In breathless hurry
     They now get to work
     All kinds of jobs, any thing
     A man can do.
     A pilot
     A janitor
     A CEO
     A lawyer
     A doctor
     An engineer
     A singer
     A cosmetician.
     Back home with the kids
     They get them do homework
     They teach them music
     They straighten their manners
     While with one hand
     They cook dinner
     And clean the house
     With the other.
     Deep in their mind
     Always shine bright
     Their kids' futures
     That makes them smile.
     Our everlasting love
     To you mothers.

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