After more than a quarter of a century, the long awaited trip back to my birth home was filled with excitement and expectations. Ever since I can remember, it has been my goal and dream to return home. The land where I was born and the place from where my family had to flee for a better life. With my backpack filled with medicines, a first aid kit, medical books and a stethoscope, I was ready to go. Hundreds of thoughts ran through my mind. After years of hard work, preparation and plenty of luck, I was now a Medical Doctor. How many people can I treat and how many lives can I alter? How much can I do for all the orphanages I have read about? The intentions were good and the plans were endless.

         Unfortunately, there were hurricanes and floods in Danang the moment I arrived in Saigon. It was unsafe for me to go to the area. I was unable to find a hospital in Saigon to volunteer in, but I was fortunate enough to find an Acupressure Medicine Master who was willing to take me under his wings and share with me what he could during our limited time. This was not evidence-based medicine and did not have any statistical data support. But, I did witness its ability to treat difficult medical issues that we deal with on a regular basis like migraine and chronic pain. I met people that traveled from Hue and Hanoi to be treated by him. Speaking to them, they have tried everything else (Western medicine and acupuncture) and this was the only thing that gave them relief. It was fascinating to see a majority of the patients responded very well to the treatment. I am used to fumbling over multiple medications with very limited response in similar cases. The foundation of this practice is based on the use of pressure, heat, vibration and blood flow. The pressure point patterns were as or more complicated than anything I have learned in medical school. There is no use of medicine or needles; therefore side effects are essentially nonexistent. I am not 100 % convinced but I am very impressed and will continue to study this form of practice.

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