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1. Members will receive a monthly newsletter via their emails. It updates them on the latest news about Vietnamese literature, arts, music, photography, and movie.
2. They can purchase at discount the Forum, the official SACEI Journal. Please check our publication list at Past Forums can also be purchased through SACEI or at
3. They can participate in the annual SACEI conference as speakers or attendees. Taking place in the fall, it allows Americans and Vietnamese-Americans to present their work (papers or artwork) on Vietnamese culture or history. The first annual conference deals with WAR AND REMEMBRANCE. A social dinner-gala allows participants to meet other members and conference speakers.
4. Members can donate their artifacts or books related to the Vietnamese-American to the SACEI Library, which will serve as a repository for the diasporic culture. Books can be checked out (see Library section on our website). It is hoped that we could one day have our own library where members could consult books and exchange information.
5. They can find interesting data about Saigon, ethnic arts, culture, and music on our website:
6. Research. We cannot stress how studies and data are urgently needed on the Vietnamese-American culture and diaspora. Results will be published in the Forum as they become available.

       While universities across the nation have a large budget to teach, do research, and propagate their mission and ideas, SACEI as a non-profit organization relies on the contributions of builders and the unselfish work of members to produce each forum and to set up new projects (workshops, discussions, exhibitions, and so on).
       We thank members and benefactors who generously gave their time and money to help us in the research and propagation of the Vietnamese culture. A lot more activities could have been scheduled had we had a bigger budget. Any contribution, small or large is therefore welcome, although we would like to recognize our benefactors based on their support, which is cumulative from year to year.
LAN (Orchid) Sustaining Life Member $5,000 (1,000 per year X 5)
MAI (Apricot) Life $1,000
BONG HUE (Gladiolus) Benefactor $500
BONG GIAY(Bougainvillea) Benefactor $250
BONG DIEP (Flamboyant) Supporter Any other contribution
   Life members and benefactors will receive eight and four free Forums respectively.
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