Barely escaped from Communism at the 25th hour of the fall of South Vietnam 33 years ago, the Vo's family made their way to Guam where they were later admitted to the United States as Political refugees. The Vo's family is now living at Miami, Florida.

         The father, Lt. Colonel Ho Phi Vo, an A-37 Flying Dragon Pilot of the 534th Squadron, 92nd Air Tactical Wing at Phan Rang 20th Air Base, brought up his children with Vietnamese tradition and values. Mr. Vo always teaches the boys the pride of being a soldier in war time.

         Son Vo had been an outstanding student when in high school before he got admission to the West Point Military Academy, class of 1992.

         Since his grade 9 at W. R. Thomas HS (1985), Son was elected President of National Honor Society and Science Society. He graduated as Valedictorian and was granted numerous awards such as: Award of Honor by The National Leadership Organization; The American Legion School Award by The American Legion.

         His military career began with 2nd Armored Division, 4th ID, 82nd Air Borne Division, Son flew OH-58 AC, Apache during his service in Afghanistan. He moved from platoon leader to Company Commander, Regimental S-3, S-1 Assistant Son was promoted to Lt. Colonel on March 1st, 2009 and is currently serving as advisor in charge of helicopter pilot training to the army of several Arab Countries.