41. Jade Huynh: South Wind Changing:
In 1975 Huynh, a country boy from the Mekong Delta, was about to begin his studies at Saigon University when he was arrested by the conquering communists (the charge: he was an intellectual) and sent to a labor camp.

42. Huynh Van Chinh: Reeducation in Post war Vietnam:
The stories of three survivors of the Vietnam War. Huynh Van Chinh and Tran Van Phuc, who had been colonels in the Army of Vietnam, lived through the torture of the "reeducation camps" and finally found freedom in America. Le Nguyen Binh tells of his dangerous escape from Vietnam.

43. Lu Van Thanh: The Inviting calls of the Wandering Souls:
The memoir of an ARVN Liaison Officer to United States Forces in Vietnam who was imprisoned in Communist re-education camps and then escaped.

44. Quang Pham: A sense of Duty:
Quang X. Pham's memoir on parallel tracks-his life, and his family's, in Vietnam and then America-is a story of hardship, separation, and loss, but ultimately also of courage, loyalty, patriotism and achievement, an inspiring human story movingly told.

45. Andrew Pham; Catfish and Mandala:
The story, with some of a mandala's repeated symbolic motifs, works on several levels at once. It is an exploration into the meaning of home, a descriptive travelogue, and an intimate look at the Vietnamese immigrant experience.

46. Philip Catton: Diem's Final Failure:
A richly detailed and thoughtful study that will force scholars of the Vietnam War to rethink traditional interpretations of the Diem government, the military-political struggle in South Vietnam, and the interaction between the Kennedy administration and Saigon.

47. Harry Summers: On Strategy:
Summer's inspired analysis of America's war in Vietnam answers the most pressing questions remaining from that terrible conflict more than a decade before Robert McNamara's painful admissions.

48. Harry Summers: Historical Atlas:
The Historical Atlas of the Vietnam War provides the first major visualization of that war as well as a penetrating and comprehensive analysis of the conflict based on both U.S. and Vietnamese postwar accounts.

49. Lewis Sorley: A Better War:
Using a host of oral interviews, 455 tape recordings made in Vietnam during the years 1968-1972 and numerous other sources, military historian Sorley has produced a first-rate challenge to the conventional wisdom about American military performance in Vietnam.

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