25. Trinh Do: Saigon to San Diego:
A boy fighting for survival in newly unified communist Vietnam..

26. David Pham: Two Hamlets in Nam Bo:
A memoir of a life in two small villages in southern Vietnam.

27. Dao Strom: Grass Roof, Tin Roof:
Dao Strom, born in Saigon to a literary mother evokes the divided mind of the refugee and the child of two cultures.

28. Andrew Lam: Perfume Dreams:
Winner of the 2006 PEN/Beyond Margins Award.

29. Andrew Pham: Catfish and Mandala:
An exploration into the meaning of home, a descriptive travelogue, and an intimate look at the Vietnamese immigrant experience.

30. Nguyen Minh Bich: Stealing Buddha's Dinner:
A memoir.

31. Lan Cao: Monkey Bridge:
One of the finest dramatizations of the experiences of Vietnamese refugees in the U.S.

32. Trinh Xuan Thuan: The Quantum and the Lotus:
It explores how Buddhism and modern science address life's big questions.

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