9. Ha Mai Viet: Steel and Blood:
A historically accurate and detailed account of the Vietnam War from the perspective of the South Vietnamese armor forces.

10. Arthur Dommen: The Indochinese experience of the French and the Americans:
The definitive political history of Indochina during the Franco-American era.

11. Bui Diem: In the Jaws of History:
A candid look at ourselves as the Vietnamese saw us.

12. Henry Kamm: Dragon Ascending: Vietnam and the Vietnamese:
Explores Vietnam, its resilient people, its history and its likely future.

13. Nguyen Van Canh: Vietnam under communism:
Life under communism: 1975-1982.

14. Tran Tri Vu: My lost Years:
The picture it paints of the Vietnamese government and its gulag of reeducation camps is hardly a flattering one.

15. Robert Mckelvey: A gift of Barbed Wire:
Tales of courage and successful survival in the broader human tragedy of war and its aftermath.

16. Robert Templer: Shadows and Winds:
A view of Modern Vietnam.

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