1. Keith Taylor: The Birth of Vietnam:
A solid foundation for data on a period of history that hitherto yielded scanty conclusions.

2. Neil Jamieson: Understanding Vietnam:
Discloses what the American military and political leadership largely misunderstood: the nature of Vietnamese society, the confrontation with colonialism and Western values, the resistance of the intellectuals, and the culture of the people.

3. Huynh Sanh Thong: The Tale of Kieu:
The collective Unconscious of Vietnam.

4. Van Nguyen Duong: The Tragedy of the Vietnam War:
The Vietnam War under the eyes of a South Vietnamese officer.

5. Andrew Wiest: The Forgotten Army:
Wiest offers a better understanding of the trials and travails of those who served in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Vietnam.

6. Mark Moyar: Triump Forsaken:
Moyar firmly believes that America's longest and most controversial overseas war was "a worthy but improperly executed enterprise."

7. Rufus Phillips: Why Vietnam Matters:
Phillips states firmly that those best and brightest, especially McNamara, exhibited poor judgment, bureaucratic prejudice, and personal hubris as they steered Vietnam War policy on a disastrous course.

8. Michael Lind: The Necessary War:
Challenges preconceptions that surround the most controversial military conflict in American history.

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