Princess Ngoc Binh and Gia Long
Nguyen Thanh Long
         Princess Ngọc Bình met Gia Long in the royal palace during a critical situation. After many years of fighting against Gia Long, King Cảnh Thịnh, second king to the Quang Trung dynasty and husband to Princess Ngoc Binh was finally defeated. He fled with all of his Tây Sơn officers to the frontier in such a hurry that he did not have enough time to take his wife along. He left her behind. Gia Long invaded and conquered the whole country. When he arrived at the royal palace, he did not see his enemy, however, disappointment turned to astonishment at first sight of the princess.

         Princess Ngọc Bình was the daughter of Lê Hiển Tông and a descendant of Lê Lợi. She married King Cảnh Thịnh, whose real name is Nguyễn Quang Toản, becoming the daughter in-law of Quang Trung and Queen of Tây Sơn. Ngọc Bình was overcome with terror when she saw Gia Long coming in.

         When Gia Long regained the country, he destroyed everything belonging to Tây Sơn except for the princess. It may have been her beauty that won him over, or the fact that she was the descendant of Lê Lợi. But for whatever reason or miracle, he spared Ngoc Binh and made her his third wife and queen.

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