The Verdict of Nguyen Trai and Nguyen Thi Lo
Nguyen Thanh Long
     Your majesty!
     Why was your life so short?
     The court has found me guilty and now my life is troubled
     I'm so desperate; I don't know whom I can talk to for help
     Now my husband's reputation is going down with me.

         Nguyễn Thị Lộ Vọng cổ phrase 1
     My husband, I followed your orders to serve the king, but because Lê Thái Tông's life was so short and he suddenly died,
     The court has found me guilty
     Their verdict has me so distressed
     Killing the king is such a wicked crime
     How could they think that I could do such a thing?
     How can I change their verdict?
     My husband is now an accomplice, and the verdict was also passed to him
     It is "án tru di"
     My love let us drink one last time together and let the rest pass us by (end of phrase 1)

         Nguyễn Trãi
     I remember the time when the Minh captured my father, Nguyễn Phi Khanh
     He refused to cooperate with them and would have rather died
     I followed him to the frontier and cried.
     He told me to find a good king to serve the country instead of grieving
     I can still remember it in my mind, and this is why I follow Lê Thái Tổ to serve our country.

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