Ly Thuong Kiet
Nguyen Thanh Long, Truong Tuong Tu
         Lý Thường Kiệt would like to thank the Spirit in this temple of ruins, which has revealed: The southern lands belong to the southern kingdom.
         God had judged and distributed this territory to them.
         Whoever has the ambition to cross the frontier
         and to invade this territory, only faces a defeat.
         I respectfully thank the Spirit for this precious information before our troops engage battle.
         The military and civilians are unified in their decisions.
         No more reasons to be afraid of the Tống invaders (end of Khóc Hoàng Thiên)
         Unfortunately, King Lý Thánh Tông has passed away!
         The Court is in disorder while the threat from the Tống army is rising at the border.

         Vọng cổ phrase 1
         I had to rely on the Spirit of the temple to raise and consolidate our troops' morale and to find a way to save our country.
         I am determined to sacrifice my life for the protection of our nation.
         Fortunately, Thái phi Ỷ Lan, the king's widow, with her talent and virtue is successfully running the nation.
         For the future of the country, she forgets her discontentment with Prime Minister Lý Dạo Thành and welcomes his return to run the country again.
Now that all citizens are unified in their patriotism, the role of a general is to prepare for the defense of the nation at its distant frontier (End of 1st phrase).

         With God's help, our army had completely defeated the enemy. Civilian officials and generals joining forces are forming an extremely powerful dynasty, a forever radiant period in history.
"Civilian officials bring peace to the people with their pens and their laws. Generals protect the peace with their weapons."

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