THE MEN OF VIETNAM by Nghia M. Vo, Chat V. Dang, Hien V. Ho (SACEI FORUM 4)

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         1.   Vietnam and the Vietnamese (Nghia M. Vo)
         2.   Remembering General Nguyen Khoa Nam Hoang Nhu Tung (Phong Ha)
         3.   Tu Sat (War Suicide) in Vietnam (Nghia M. Vo)
         4.   General Le Van Duyet (Chat V. Dang)
         5.   Alexandre de Rhodes and the Vietnamese language (Hien V. Ho)
         6.   The Temptation of the West (Bac sy Nguyen Le Hieu)
         7.   Confucianism and communism (Nghia M. Vo)
         8.   Traditional Vietnamese Medicine (Chat V. Dang)
         9.   History of the National Vietnamese Flags (Pham Van Thanh)
         10. Men in Kingdom's Expansion (Bac sy Nguyen Le Hieu)
         11. The Water Puppet Show (Chi Kim Thai)

         12. A Man's Ambition (Nguyen Cong Tru/Hien V. Ho)
         13. My April 30th (Thach Ngoc Truong)
         14. Old Love (Phan Khoi/Hien V. Ho)
         15. Step by Step (Hieu V. Ho)

         16. Traditional Music: Vong Co (Nguyen Luu Vien)
         17. Ly Thuong Kiet (Nguyen Thanh Long, Truong Tuong Tu)
         18. The Verdict of Nguyen Trai and Nguyen Thi Lo (Nguyen Thanh Long)
         19. Ngoc Binh and Gia Long (Nguyen Thanh Long)