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         1.   My Journey (Lan HP Bui)
         2.   A New Dawn (Chat V. Dang)
         3.   I went to Medical School (J.B. Ho)
         4.   I went to War (J.B. Ho)
         5.   I went to "Reeducation" Camps (J.B. Ho)
         6.   Escape from Vietnam (J.B. Ho)
         7.   The Pilgrim (Nghia M. Vo)
         8.   Au Gre de la Providence (Anne Regina Capdeville)
         9.   Important Moments of our Lives (Ton Tran & Binh Nhung Tran)
         10. In the Eye of the Storm (An T. Than)
         11. Orderly Departure (Thien Nhien Than)
         12. On being a Viet Kieu (Nghia M. Vo)
         13. An Unforgettable Day (Dat M. Nguyen)
         14. The 16th Escape Attempt (Phuong T. Tran)
         15. I left my Heart in Saigon (Nghia M. Vo)
         16. The View from Within (TT Chan)
         17. My Love for the White Coat (Trang T Ma )
         18. Life's Changing Landscapes (Dong S. Nguyen)
         19. Some Memories in my Life (Toi V Le)
         20. Gone with the War (An T Than)
         21. My Journal (Truc C. Tran)
         22. The Battle for Life (Dennis Chu)
         23. My Tribute (Quynh Nguyen)