Hong Bang Dynasty (c. 2880-258 BCE)

         Thuc Dynasty (257-207 BCE)

         First Chinese Domination (207-39 BCE)

         Trung Dynasty (40-43)

         Second Chinese Domination (43-544)

    2. Names of VIETNAM throughout the ages
Van Lang under the 18 Hung or Lac-Vuong kings (500 B.C. to 257 B.C.)
Au Lac under the Thuc Dynasty (257 B.C. to 207 B.C.)
Nam Viet under the Trieu Dynasty (207B.C. to 111 B.C.)
Giao Chi under the early Chinese Han Dynasty (203 to 544)
Van Xuan under the early Ly Dynasty (544 to 603)
An Nam under the Chinese Tang Dynasty (603 to 939)
Dai Viet under the Ngo dynasty (939 to 967)
Dai Co Viet under the Dinh Dynasty and its successors (968-1054)
Dai Viet under the later Ly and Tran Dynasties (1054-1400)
Dai Ngu under the Ho Dunasty (1400-1407
An Nam under the Tran and Chinese Ming Dynasties (1407-1428)
Dai Viet under the Le and Nguyen Dynasties (1428-1802)
Viet Nam under Emperor Gia Long in 1802.
Dai Nam under Emperor Minh-Mang in 1832 and his successors.
Viet Nam renamed in April 1945 by the National government headed by Tran Trong Kim.
Under the French colonial administration, North Vietnam became known as Tonkin, the Centre as Annam and the South as Cochinchina.
    3. Vietnam War
An ARVN Marine at Ben Hai    
The last days of Saigon
History of Vietnamese Modern Written Language
Vietnamese Education
Vietnam 1889
Reeducation Camps
The Battle of Thuong Duc
Ngo Quang Truong
Kerry's Anti-War Issues
Chinese Support for North Vietnam
Stanley Karnov
The Spy Pham Xuan An
The Ho Chi Minh Trail
The Origin of the Name of Saigon
La Dalat Car
The Fort of Khu Tuc
Catinat - Tu Do Street
A Picture Says a Thousand Words
Post Cards from Saigon
Son Nam - The Writer From the South
The Turtle Monument
Central Vietnam - In the Eyes of an American GI
1973 Saigon Artists
ARVN POW Camp - 1973
The Birth of Quoc Ngu
Westmoreland the General - The Man Who Lost Vietnam
How to Lose a War
Nguyen Dac Xuan and the Hue Massacre
Gen. Le Van Hung
Advertisements during the Colonial times
Who shot at Nguyen Ngoc Loan
Hue 1964
Recognition of Veterans
Summer of 1972
"Black April" Abandoning Vietnam
The Lover
Retreat From the Highland (Pham Ba Hoa)
End of the Road
Images of a Debacle
April 30
Steinbeck in Vietnam
The Retreat from the Central Highlands
Paris 4-27-1975
Photos of the Fall of Saigon
Congress was Responsible for Defeat in Indochina
The Final Days in Saigon
Pacification in Vietnam
Spy Mission in Vietnam
Triumph Forsaken Review
Independence Palace
Revisionism With a Vengeance
Triumph Forsaken Review Record
Pham Thi Kim Phuc
Vietnam Changing Historiography
Operation Passage to Freedom
War Crimes Against Humanity
La Meurtrissure
Siagon School of Medicine 2
RVN Air Borne
Henriette Bui
Attack on Tan Son Nhat
Vietnamese Education 1955-1975
Saigon Medical School
The 1968 Hue File
Turner Myths
Highway of Horrors
Reassessing ARVN
Turner-Abandonment of Vietnam
Claire Berlinski: Hidden History of Evil
    4. Today - Post War Vietnam
Hmong Christian beaten to death    
No history test this year
Bui Ngoc Tan
Vietnam's downward spirald
North Vietnam a miserable country
Dr. Clauss Ruff
Yellow shirt with red stripes - college student in Hanoi
Mourners clash with riot police
Impatience in Vietnam
Mail Stamp from Saigon
Nguyen Dac Kien

How Communist Officials Were Behaving

Nguyen Hoang Vi
Fear for Change
Hanoi crushing social media revolution
Holding Skull to Ransom

Overhaul of the Constitution

Tai Phong Tan
Corruption in Vietnam (January 2013)
Hospital Overflow
Visiting Bien Hoa National Cemetery
Starbucks has arrived in Vietnam
Chosing to be Single Mothers
Relinquishing Land to China

Father Nguyen Van Vinh

New Religion Decree
Redemptorist Bloggers convicted
Vietnam deploys bloggers
State secrets revealed in Vietnam
Sale Advertisement of Vietnamese Women in China
Anti-China Protests in Vietnam
When Safety is Questionable
Dissident Beaten in Jail
Dispatch from Saigon
The Danger on Mekong
Ever Since You Came [ Từ Ngày Bác Vô Đây]
Viet Khang Sentenced
Paracel Islands
Vietnam's Difficult Road to Reform
Pirate Site
Crossing the Mekong River II
Forced Gavage
Haunting Memories of Brave Comrades
Transportation in Vietnam
How Foods are Prepared in Hanoi
A school closes down - make way for wedding of village official's son
The Saigon Fruit Festival Photo Competition
A Hanoi Vet Speaks Out Against the Hanoi Government
Moon Cake and Corruption in Vietnam
200 Best Asian Universities

The Slaughter of Elephants Nearly Complete in Vietnam

Facing the Security Police in Vietnam
Vietnam - by Suriantou (photographer)
Power Struggle in Hanoi
Vietnam PM Orders Fresh Crackdown on Bloggers
Cruel Taste in Vietnam
Patriotic Youth
A Cong An Story
Independence, Freedom, and Happiness in Vietnam?
Nepotism in Vietnam
Traveling to Vietnam
The U.S. Shouldn't Sell Out Human Rights in Vietnam
The 1954 Land Reform
Economic Meltdown in Vietnam
From Hanoi to Saigon 1954-1975
Buffet Foods in Vietnam Gone in 60 Seconds
High Demand for Horn Fuels Record-High Poaching
Scavenging for a Living in Hanoi
Blogger's Mother Dies of Self-Immolation
Six Students and Three Rats
Religions in Vietnam - 2012
White Rice for Sale
Mekong Delta
Vietnamese Officials Destroy Two New Churches
Wildlife Meat Served in Vietnam Restaurants
How Vietnam Flout Its Laws
Land is the Cause of Unrest in Vietnam
Amnesty International Report on Vietnam
Two Women Stripped Themselves to Protect Their Land
Vietnamese police training in College Park, Maryland - USA
Animism in Vietnam
Sleeping with the enemy
Chicken stuffed in Coke cans
Crimes Against Humanity in Hue
A Meal for 10 cents
Vietnamese Society as Viewed by the Council of Vietnamese Bishops
Dispersion in Summer
Thich Nhat Hanh
The Beatings in Van Giang
Hygiene in Vietnam
Princelings in China (Vietnam)
How to Start a Revolution is Not to Build a Dictatorship
Writing for April
Reading Orwell in Hanoi
Deaths in Hospitals from Childbirth
The Other Vietnam
Violent Crackdowns in Hung Yen
Courage of Dieu Cay and Natalya Radzina
Vietnam Human Rights Bulletin
Dissent in Vietnam - 2012
Repression in Vietnam
Nguyen Cong Chinh
The Most Expensive Cemetery in Vietnam
The Poor in Vietnam
Vietnam Disheartening Anniversary
Why Nations Fail
Vietnam Income Per Capita
Life and Death of Dr. Duong Quynh Hoa
Vietnam: Systematic Crackdown on Human Rights
Thien Duong Cave
New Saigon
Cold War Project
Nuclear Power
Vietnam Today
Children of the Dump
Freedom of Press 2012
Vietnam Public Hospitals
Vietnamese Studies 1975-1982
Laos, a Vietnam Province
Pitch Battle Over Vietnam Farmland
Dissidents in Vietnam
Story About Colleagues
In Search of My Father's Grave
The Selling of the Spratley & Paracels Islands
The Selling of Vietnamese Lands to China
Boat People Memorials
Con cháu các cụ
Post war Fleamarkets
The Boat People
Few Thoughts About Charity Work in Vietnam
Jails' Letters
Hay Tro Lai Saigon Di
The Black Book of Communism
A Declaration of Principle
Tuyên Cáo Kính Gửi Quốc Dân Đồng Bào Trong Nước
Delenda est Carthago
Church Attacks
Post War Religions in Vietnam
When Regime Change Came with a Whimper
    5. A Free Vietnam
Vietnam - landscapes
If one does not travel, one does not know
Anh La Ai - To Lang singing
Free Vietnam Act
Tintin in Vietnam
Which Path to Follow
A Body - A Scandal and China
Europe Reckons with its Legacy of Communism
A Peaceful Vietnam
Loyal Opposition
Viet Khang
    6. Vietnamese-American
LRCR Kimberly Mitchell
When I died
Vietnam! Vietnam!
Workers from IndoChina
References - Pictures
Vietanmese Pilots
Never Lose the Light
Roadside Market in Houston, Texas
Pho on the White House Menu
China as a Maritime Threat
To set the record straight on Nick Turse
Interview with Hoang Duc Nha
State Sponsored Bonze
History of South Vietnamese Flag
Violators of the Paris Peace Accord
Toan Ngo's Scholarship
The Winning Side
The Winning Side - Commentary 1
The Winning Side - Commentary 2
Gun Control
Putting Roots in America
Post Girl - Beccy Cole
Dialoguing with the Enemy
Inventing Democracy
Ideal, Theory, and Practice in the fight against Communism
In Doubt, Do Not Advance
Dr. Richard Teo
Million Hearts - by Truc Ho
Stamps of the Republic of Vietnam
An Unusual American
Vietnamese Anthem Played by an Ukrainian Band
The Opiate of Exceptionalism
Nguyen Quy An
Texas Vietnam Memorial Petition
Emperor Bao Dai Grave in Paris
The Destruction of the 1 Percent
Fall of Saigon - Remembrance
How Do the Vietnamese Eat
The Ugly Side of Vietnamese
The World of Pho
Pho Noodle Soup
Hue Special Dishes
Legends of Vietnam
To Love the Present Tense
It Was Just the Beginning
The "Zenith," by Duong Thu Huong
Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh
Quebec: How the Vietnam War Brought Family Here
The New Andrew Lam
Black April (Glazov)
Vietnamese-Australian's Reflections on Vietnam War
The Sandwich Generation
The Vietnamese Refugee's Son
Don't Indulge. Be Happy
Background Briefing in Hanoi
What is a Socialist
The Rise of Asian Americans
Beyond the Blink
Memorial Day story
A General Remembers
Generation gap
Immigrants are crucial to innovation
Oregon Study Shows Benefits
Ly Tong sentenced
Getting lost in the Labyrinth of Medical Bills
VA Burger King
Eateries in Little Saigon
Why Vincent Chin matters
Remarks at the Memorial Day Commemoration
Burma's Reform
RU by Kim Thuy
Rialto H.O.M.E.
Tuyen Tran - In the Service of the Homeless
Winter Sceneries
Priscilla Chang
Four Students Win Award
Open Letter
What the Locusts Ate
Vietnamese Professor Wins Award
Letter to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta
List of Overseas Vietnamese Collaborating with Hanoi Government
Honor Student Jailed for Tardiness
International Communism
Groundbreaking ceremony for the Vietnam Memorial (Orlando, FL)
Memorial Day Parade - 2012
The campaign against women
Welcome home
Ao dai (Vietnamese traditional tight-fitting silk tunic)
Lucky to be able to escape abroad
ARVN Wives
Do you want good news first?
Vietnamese Americans
Dissertation on sex work in Vietnam
Black April: Book Review (Tom Glen)
Forever Never Forget
South Vietmanese Flag Raised at PA City Hall
Under the Mark of April 30, 1975
Maersk Moller
Human Rights Activist Detained in Vietnam
The Last Days of Saigon
Hoang Oanh Singing
Had the South Won the War
Looking Back at What Happened 37 Years Ago
The History Teacher
Pursuing Progress on Human Rights with Vietnam
The Next Viet-Am General
ANZAC 2012 Day
Civic Activism
Duong Nguyet Anh
Petitioning for Change in Vietnam
Sad April
My Immigration Story
Buying a Home in Vietnam
Remembering Vietnam
Vietnam Course -Student Questions
Solo Escape From Vietnam
Bi Dong Memoir
Visit to Vietnam
Cherry Blossom - Washington DC 2012
Life on Pulau Bidong
Pulau Bidong - today
Visting the White House
New Year's Parade
They Came, They Smile, They Conquered
Meeting Between the White House Officials and Vietnam Delegation
Vietnam Human Rights Bill
White House Briefing: Fight for Human Rights in Vietnam
    7. Vietnam 2000 - 2010 (Hương Vị Quê Hương - Huỳnh Chiếu Đẳng)
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Vietnam Exodus 1954-1975    
Hành trình đi tìm Tự Do
Refugee Boat People
Khmer Mystery
Cham Templ
Hanoi flooding
Hoi An
Vung Tau
Hue Citadel
    9. Thang 4 Den   (Click here)
   10. Viet Veterans
  Vui Xuan Canh Dan 1(Youtube)
  Vui Xuan Canh Dan 2(Youtube)
  Vui Xuan Canh Dan 3(Youtube)
    11. Viet Nam nhung hinh anh xua   (Click here)
    12. Vietnam War Photos   (Click here)
    13. De Tham   (Click here)