Freedom Fighters
Viet Khang - For having written and promoted Anh La Ai, Vietnamese song writer/composer Viet Khang has been jailed in 2011 for an unknown reason. His song, which expresses his belief in freedom of expression and human rights has been well received by the public. He has been brave enough to point to the crimes committed by the Vietnamese Communist Party on the people of Vietnam. (more...)

Cardinal Nguyen Van Thuan - On April 24, 1975, he was named Archbishop of Saigon. When the communists took over Saigon a few days later, bishop Thuan was sent to various reeducation camps for a total of 13 years during he continued to live "day by day" in hope and in prayers. Released in 1988, he spent three years in Vietnam before going to Rome for treatment. Being denied return to Vietnam, he remained in Rome and was named vice president (1994) then president (1998) of the Papal Committee on Justice and Peace. Elevated to the rank of Cardinal in 2001, he passed away in 2002. He is presently being considered for Beatification. (more...)

Bui Thi Minh Hang -- HANOI, January 5, 2012. The U.S. Embassy is deeply concerned by reports that Bui Thi Minh Hang has been sentenced without trial to up to two years in a reeducation camp in Vietnam for participating in a peaceful protest. This lack of due process contradicts Vietnam’s commitment to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Bui Thi Minh Hang participated in peaceful protests related to the South China Sea last year. (more...)

Tran Van Suong was born in Vietnam in 1943 to a Chinese-Vietnamese father and a Cambodian-Vietnamese mother. During the Vietnam War, he served as an officer in Southern Vietnam's Army fighting the Communist Vietcong alongside the U.S. Army until 1975 when the north invaded Saigon. At the end of the war, he spent six years in a reeducation camp in Quang Binh, in central Vietnam. After his release, Suong fled to Thailand, where he joined the The United Front of Patriotic Force for the Liberation of Vietnam led by French national Tran Van Ba (more...)

Dr. Marcel Lichtenberger (1906-1985) born in Namur, Belgium became a Jesuit priest before serving as a medic in China in 1932 as part of his military duty. After the communist take-over of China in 1945 and as all Chinese physicians fled to Taiwan, he was "forced" to replace them by functioning as a surgeon and physician. He was jailed by the communists six times lasting from six days to nine months each. He was expulsed from China in 1948 for having kept "Chinese people under servitude by impregnating them with an untreatable capitalist bacterium." (more...)

Father Nguyen Van Ly Born on August 31st, 1947, in Quang Tri province (central Vietnam), Father Ly was ordained in 1974 and once served as secretary to Archbishop Nguyen Kim Dien. A prominent Vietnamese dissident, he was involved in many pro-democracy movements and spent 15 years in prison for peacefully criticizing government policies on religion and advocating for greater respect for human rights since the late 1970's. (more...)

Tran Van Ba belongs to an illustrious pedigree of southern Vietnamese nationalists. His great uncle Bui Quang Chieu-the founder of the Saigon Constitutionalist Party-was assassinated along with his four sons and a daughter in 1945 by the communists. His father Tran Van Van, a member of the South Vietnamese National Assembly, was also assassinated in 1966. Smuggled to France one month after his father's death, Ba became President of the Vietnamese Students Association from 1972 to 1980 and denounced Hanoi's "summary executions (more...)

Huynh Ngoc Tuan Members of the local Public Security Forces (PSF) swarmed the home of writer Huỳnh Ngọc Tuấn around 8AM local time today, November 11, 2011. They served him with a search warrant and confiscated computer equipment and accessories, and assorted household goods. According to eyewitnesses, close to 40 members of the PSF and cadres of the Quảng Nam Province’s Information Office rushed into the house of writer Huỳnh Ngọc Tuấn, delivered the search warrant, and accused him and his two children (more...)

Thich Quang Do secular name Dang Phuc Tue, is Patriarch of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam, and a leading advocate of religious freedom, human rights and democracy. Recipient of the Norwegian 2006 Rafto Prize and laureate of the World Movement for Democracy’s 2006 Democracy Courage Tribute, he has won worldwide recognition for his non-violent combat for freedom in Vietnam. (more...)

Nguyen Huu Cau Former Captain Nguyen Huu Cau from the South Vietnamese Army spent six years in some of the infamous reeducation camps before being released in 1981. For having accused communist officials of taking bribes, he was sentenced in 1982 to death, which was commuted to life. Being incarcerated for a total of 35 years makes him the longest political detainee of Hanoi's infamous jails. (more...)

Le Cong Dinh (Vietnamese: Lê Công Định) is a prominent Vietnamese lawyer who sat on the defense of many high profile human rights cases in Vietnam. He was critical of bauxite mining in the central highlands of Vietnam., and was arrested by the Vietnamese government on June 13, 2009 on charges of "national security", though the arrest was met by the international community with strong objections. Le Cong Dinh is one of Amnesty International's prisoners of conscience. (more...)

On January 20, 2010 prominent attorney Le Cong Dinh, businessman and blogger Tran Huynh Duy Thuc, Le Thang Long, and DPV leader and Viet Youth for Democracy cofounder Nguyen Tien Trung, arrested in mid-2009, were tried jointly in Ho Chi Minh City for violating article 79. The government claimed the individuals were involved in a plot to create new political parties and overthrow the government. (more...)

Nguyen Van Dai Human rights lawyers Nguyen Van Dai, aged 40, and Le Thi Cong Nhan, aged 30, were jailed in May 2007 for "conducting propaganda against the State." Amnesty International considers them prisoners of conscience. Nguyen Van Dai provided legal advice to dissidents and represented some in court, in particular imprisoned Protestants claiming persecution by the state. (more...)

Le Thi Cong Nhan Human rights lawyer Thi Cong Nhan, aged 30, was jailed in May 2007 for "conducting propaganda against the State." She was sentenced to four years’ imprisonment in May 2007. (more...)