Nguyen Thanh Long
Professor Nguyễn Hữu
         This is a traditional Vietnamese song about Professor Nguyễn Hữu. He was a professor and doctor who taught many generations of students aspiring to be doctors, pharmacists, and dentists at Saigon and Hue Medical Schools. He also taught at other schools in Vietnam as well as in France. His talents as a researcher and doctor greatly contributed to the medical field in Vietnam. All of these achievements brought him much respect and admiration from his students; they were very proud of him.
         Traditional music comes from the culture of its originating country. It is an art to be treasured. When we hear a story written in the traditional Vietnamese musical style, the positive messages about the good in life relieve our stresses.
         Therefore, we use traditional music to write about Professor Nguyễn Hữu. His life was a virtue for all to live by. His students compose this story in dedication to his memory. Written by Nguyen Thanh Long, it is performed by Canadian artists Thuy Duong, Chau Kien, and Tuyet Nghi.

   We were devastated when we heard our professor had passed away.
   His untimely departure has made us all shed tears.
   His life was a good example for us to follow.

                 ***        ***

   1- When we first went to medical school,
   And wore only one star on our lab coats,
   We had dreams and ambitious hopes for our future.
   You were already there as our professor, ready to teach us for the next six years.
   Your name, Nguyễn Hữu, is one that we will remember for the rest of our lives.
   The teaching method and drawing techniques you used inspired us to learn,
   Even though the years have passed, we still remember your lessons well.

   2- The Institute had many embalmed cadavers for our anatomy course
   When we came, we could hardly breathe because of the odor.
   We were frightened, but we pushed ourselves to do the work and to learn,
   Every evening during the second year, we had to go to the Institute to dissect cadavers.
   Seeing your smile and laughter helped us get through,
   Suddenly we found ourselves no longer frightened,
   We wanted to help people so we tried our best to work hard and study, as scary as it was,
   Day by day, we became comfortable in that environment.

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