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         1.   Guam: Gateway to Freedom (Nghia M. Vo)
         2.   Equality in the Land of Freedom (Bac sy Nguyen Le Hieu)
         3.   The Lands of Freedom (Nghia M. Vo)
         4.   Escape from Vietnam (Khoan Tran)
         5.   The Generational Cultural Divide (Nghia M. Vo)
         6.   The Fall of the Đại Nam Empire (Hien V. Ho)
         7.   From Europe to Đại Việt (Nguyen Tan Hung, Hien V. Ho)
         8.   Tân Lạp-Vĩnh Phú: Hell on Earth (Hung H. Nguyen, Nghia M. Vo)
         9.   A Struggling Artist (Chat V. Dang)
         10. No Substitute for Hard Work (Ed Memi)
         11. A Gentleman Physician (Nghia M. Vo )
         12. Kiều's Karma (Nghia M. Vo)

         13. The Việt Kiều (Thach Ngoc Truong)
         14. My Holding (Van Do)
         15. A Language Phenomenon: Code Switching in Vietnamese-French Poetry (Hieu V. Ho)

         16. Professor Nguyễn Hữu (Long Thanh Nguyen)