Ta On Nguoi - Together
Huỳnh Anh Schroeder
         Tạ ơn người tri kỷ
         Có đôi lời biện minh
         Ngại tiếng đời thị phi
         Xin làm người vô tình.
         Trót sinh làm kẻ sĩ

I am
The wind that blows wild through the lands
The river that flows untamed in the mountain
The waves that soar recklessly on the rocks.
Come to me,

         Đạo thánh hiền phải nghi
         Xin anh đừng hờn dổi
         Tủi lòng người ra đi
         Đời mấy nẻo ly tan
         Gặp nhau quá muộn màng
         Xa nhau thật vội vàng
         Tâm tư sầu miên man.

Poet of the mind,
Artist of the heart,
You will be
The music to my flute,
The song to my harp,
The colors to my canvas,
The inspiration to my poems.

         Rồi thu qua nhạt nắng
         Chóng tàn mấy mùa trăng
         Nhớ anh người quân tử
         Gió đông về giá băng.

         Nơi đây mù sương khói
         Tháng ngày dài chưa vơi
         Nước mắt nào rơi rơi
         Tâm sự nào đầy vơi

We will bring
Dreams to the child at the start of discovery
Lights to the man at the height of maturity,
Hopes to the old at the sunset of destiny.
Without me,
The world is cold and dark

  Without you,
The light goes by unoticed
We make laughters and hapiness
We are beauty and harmony.

       When the breeze suddenly turned into tornado,
       When I could not feel the ground under my feet,
       When I sank to the glacial bottom of the ocean,
       When the sun eclipsed and dark was everywhere,
       I thought I had stopped loving you.

       Many seas have turned into lands,
       Many worlds have risen and collapsed,
       Many stars were born and have exploded,
       Here, I stand, alone in the land of sorrow,
       Still,my soul for you is searching,
       And my heart for you is crying.

       Trăm năm thế sự đổi thay
       Ngàn năm dâu bể vẩn hoài yêu anh.

  Come and sit by the waves,
In the peaceful dusk of nature,
When the sea calms her tide,
The moon shines on the shore,
The willows sing to the sand,
Across the ocean,
Across the wide land,
My soul will come to you,
To share your peace and feelings.

When you look at the dawn
Speading over the misty mountain,
When your eyes sparkle with the light
Of the hazy rays through the autumn forest,
Listen to the breeze through the leaves,
You will hear my thoughts,
If you pace your steps
On the dewy glittering grass,
You will see my face
In the rainbow of the dew,
You will hear my voice
In the song of the forest,
You will feel my touch
In the rythm of nature,
For I have never left you.

       I gather raindrops from the sky,
       And make a shining mirror,
       To reflect
       The sun in your hair,
       The sparkles in your eyes.

       I collect the leaves from the forest,
       And weave a net,
       To hold
       The joy of your laugh,
       The tenderness of your smile.

       I span the clouds in the sky,
       To tend
       The spirit of your mind,
       The freedom of your thoughts,
       And make your dreams come true.

       I want to write you poems,
       Where words dance on rainbows and leap through sunrays.
       Somehow, the rhyme is lousy and words don't come easy,
       The tune is out of line and so are my feelings.
       The canvas is lifeless without the artist's print,
       The melody has died,the muse ran away.
       Time again I realize the truth of life.
       You don't give unless you are asked,
       Seeds don't germ on infertile soil,
       Flowers don't bloom when short of nutrients,
       Spring don't bloom on barren earth,
       I cannot love you when feelings are not shared.

       In the still of the night,
       With multitude of thoughts scattered,
       Shattered dreams and hope out of sight,
       Gathering my strength and swallowing my pride,
       I offer the friendship that you have asked.

  Chéri, laisse moi te dire, maintenant, en cet instant même,
Combien je t'aime,
Car, pour nous, il n'y avait pas de passé, il n'y aura pas de future,
Le temps passe, effacant même l'amour le plus pur,
La nuit s'enfuit, bientôt apparait l'aube blême,
Nos chemins divergeront, quand même nous nous reverrons,
Dejà, peut être, serait il trop tard pour être ensemble.

Chéri, si demain la vie nous sépare,
Souviens toi du moment présent,
Ecrasant une larme de regret,
Tu penseras, elle m'a beaucoup aimé.

Chéri, si parfois la vie te semble amère,
Souviens toi de cet instant éphémère,
Où, ensemble nous etions si heureux,
Tu réaliseras combien mon amour t'est resté cher.

Chéri, si loin dans le temps et l'espace,
Partout où me portent mes pas d'errante,
Toujours, me souvenant de ces heures fugaces,
Je me dirai, la vie nous a été compatissante.

     REMEMBER (English translation)  
       Darling, let me tell you now, at this very moment,
       How much I love you,
       Because, for us,there was no past, there will be no future,
       Time goes by, fading even the purest love,
       The night flies away, soon will come the pale dawn,
       Our paths will separate, even if we will meet again,
       Perhaps, already it would be too late to be together.

       Darling, if tomorrow life tears us apart,
       Remember this present moment,
       Wiping a tear of regret,
       You will think she has loved me a lot.

       Darling, if sometimes life seems bitter,
       Remember this ephemeral moment,
       When together we were so happy,
       You will realize how dear my love has remained.

       Darling, so far in time and space,
       Wherever my wandering path will take me,
       Remembering these evanescent moments,
       I will tell myself life has been compassionate

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