How do I look?
Chi Kim Thai
         For those of you who are into fashion, you may know the show 'How Do I Look?' Every episode features a fashion-impaired victim as he or she gets a makeover from two close friends and one professional stylist. The fashion-impaired victim, as the show portrays, is someone in style denial. The victim's friends tell what they really think of his or her look. The friends take over the makeover by shopping for a new wardrobe, complete with hair and makeup. Along the way, clashing opinions abound and emotions run high, but in the end the victim results in a fabulous style transformation and the confidence to ask, "How do I look?" Now you may be wondering how information on a fashion, style denial, TV show relates to the other stories in this Vietnamese culture and heritage book.

         As an American-Vietnamese immigrant living in America for more than 25 years, I often wonder "How Do I Look?" to others, including my friends, my family, my colleagues, etc. How can I look cosmopolitan and traditional; live metropolitan and suburban; act as an American, think as a Vietnamese and vice versa?

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