The Scholar and the Moral Compass
Hien V. Ho
         1) "Corruption is rife and it is well known that degrees and titles can be purchased. University personnel systems are opaque and promotion is too often based on nonscholastic criteria such as seniority, family and political background, and personal connections."
         Thomas J. Vallely and Ben Wilkinson, Harvard Kennedy School, in: 'Vietnamese Higher Education: Analysis and Response' (November 2008)

         2) "Nowhere are the four virtues of diligence, efficiency, honesty, integrity, more needed than in education and science. An education and science system that lacks these moral principles will, of course, not function properly and, sooner or later, will stagnate."
         Professor Hoang Tuy, mathematician, widely regarded as one of the most accomplished Vietnamese scientists of the 20th century.

         3) "Money reigns; a life style based on profit making, pragmatism, the cult of material values, consumer's products and hedonism, the rise of extreme individualism has encroached on and eroded intellectual values, destroyed morals and human characters."
         The Vietnamese Institute of Social Sciences (in Current state of our country's social morals: Problems and solutions)

         4) "It is not a coincidence that today, in discussions about intellectuals made in the press inside of the country (Vietnam) or overseas, an echo and a faint shadow from the past keep coming back to haunt us: the conduct of the intellectual-scholar. "Old-fashioned Confucians" indeed, but they were Confucians who dared hold up their face and look up at heaven, and speak the voice of their conscience... Vietnam's misfortune is, at the threshold of the 21st century, after more than a hundred years, generations have still to look back to the past to find a model that they know they themselves have not reached, for example in the aspect of taking responsibility."
         "The truth is that, today, our country does not have an intelligentsia, although we had and still have many excellent specialists, a certain number of dauntless but isolated intellectuals."
         Phạm Trọng Luật (10-5-2009)

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