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         1.   The Lightning Counter-Offensive at Đức Huệ Base (Tran Quang Khoi)
         2.   The Death of Historian Phạm Văn Sơn (Van Nguyen Duong)
         3.   A Career in Military Medicine (Tien N. Khuu - Chat V. Dang)
         4.   Was the War worth it? (Nghia M. Vo)
         5.   Even the Gods cried for Phước Long (Nghia M. Vo)
         6.   A Yam in Yên Bái (Phung Dinh Nguyen - Phuoc Huu Pham)
         7.   The Bồng Sơn Mother (Phuoc Huu Pham)
         8.   A Sea Escape (Nguyen Tran)
         9.   Filling a Black Hole in American History (Roger Canfield)
         10. The Scholar and the Moral Compass (Hien V. Ho)
         11. The Sino-Vietnamese Teacher (Chat V. Dang)
         12. Revolutionaries in Politics and in Art (Hien V. Ho)
         13. Saigon's Old Street Names (Quang Ngoc Tran)
         14. Vietnamese in America. A live Language (Chat V. Dang)
         15. How do I look? (Chi Kim Thai)
         16. My Old Fragrance
         17. Poetic Sampling (Cổ Nguyệt)