THE VIETNAMESE BOAT PEOPLE, 1954 and 1975-1992
Nghia M. Vo 
       Wars, always have consequences, both immediate and remote, and the consequences are often tragic. One tragic circumstance often caused by war is the forceful, disorganized and uncontrollable mass movement of both civilians and soldiers trying to escape the horrors of the wars or of an oppressive regime. At one time, populations fled from one region or state to another. As wars have become international however, such movements began to spread beyond their initial boundaries, sometimes to countries very far away.


                I. The 1954 Exodus
     1.  Vietnam 1939-1954
     2.  Operation Exodus 1954-1955
     3.  Resettlement
     4.  The Rumble of War

                II. The 1975-1992 Diaspora
     5.  Prelude to the 1975 Diaspora
     6.  The 1975 Wave
     7.  The Post 1975 Waves
     8.  The Planning
     9.  The Boat People
     10. The Routes
     11. The Pirates
     12. The Camps
     13. International Responses
     14. The Lands of Freedom
     15. Struggles and Achievements

     Chapter Notes