THE BAMBOO GULAG: Political Imprisonment in Communist Vietnam
Nghia M. Vo
       The Bamboo curtain fell on South Vietnam after the communist take-over of Saigon on April 30, 1975. What happened behind this curtain was not known for some time until the first news about the reeducation camps leaked out of the country with the escape of the boat people. The boat people had either witnessed the horrors of the camps from which they had escaped or been released, or they simply relayed stories from relatives or friends who were not fortunate enough to escape.


     1.   North and South
     2.   The Last Heroes
     3.   Prelude to a Tragedy
     4.   Bamboo Fences
     5.   A Police State
     6.   Incarceration
     7.   Southern Gulags
     8.   Northern Gulags
     9.   Starvation
     10. Executions, Tortures, and Confinements
     11. Thought Reform
     12. Hard labor and Poor Medical Care
     13. Defense Mechanisms
     14. Well known Prisoners
     15. Post Reeducation Ordeal
     16. New Economic Zones
     17. Disillusion
     18. Of Cemeteries
     19. Epilogue