Vietnamese Proverbs

Vietnamese proverbs, Vietnamese popular songs : tục ngữ, ca dao Việt nam:

-Đem tháng Năm chưa nằm đã sáng,
Ngày tháng Muời chưa cười đã tối.
-Đông chết xe, Hè chết lụt. or
In May, not enough time to get in bed when it's day time.
In October, no time for smiling when it's dark.
Winter brings Deaths from car accidents,
Summer brings Deaths from Flooding.

Not talking about the good rhythms in the VN literature, this proverb gives the impression about a person living in MD,.. VA or someone.. in a country with 4 seasons: nights are short in May, days are short in October. I did not realize they knew that in VN. Everything was so right , telling us that the Vietnamese had so much experience with living in a cold country (over 4000 years .,in North VN) .

Let's talk about this :
Trẽ già, măng mọc. or
Bamboo shoots grows up so that bamboo trees got old !..

What does that mean this very short folk song? : People, when they get older, have to stop working , so that the youngsters can find jobs. Nothing is so true about this.
And this applied to... me. When I was young, I thought that I could work until... I died.
Then an alcoholic hit my wife, soon I had a quadruple bypass. Everything shattered my life.

So we never really thought about the future.
Người  có lúc vinh, lúc nhục,
Nước có lúc đục, lúc trong. or
Men had a lifetime of honor and dishonor,
Like water at times it is tranquil, other times it is muddy.

Again not talking about the good rhythm of this VN proverb, it showed us generations of experiences.
Nước mắt chảy xuôi. or
Tear drops always flow downward.

This proverb was known by every VN person and it was so right: this showed the immense love of a mother to his child. She can sacrifice everything for her child , even if he betrayed her, as teardrops never flow upwards.

And this is a short extract of VN proverbs and folk songs. Alas, we are so preoccupied with our jobs and have no time to read these experiences which are there.

Nguyễn Vũ Vượng.