Provided by Bill Laurie

Texas Vietnam Memorial Petition

Design for the Texas Viet Nam War Memorial originally included a statue of a Republic of Viet Nam soldier. For reasons not made completely clear, the RVN soldier has been removed to be replaced by a Texas-born ethnic Asian. This after the considerable Texas Viet Nam community lent substantial support for the project.

It's understood that any state would want to memorialize its own, yet few of us served in Viet Nam..or Laos...or Cambodia...or protect Texas from an NVA invasion. The country and people of the Republic of Viet Nam were THE reasons we were there. One might as well remove crucifixes from Catholic and Christian churches. To exclude statue of an RVN soldier denigrates our service and only obscures the overall objective for an already abysmally ignorant American populace. Such exclusion will diminish praise due American-born SE Asia veterans. It will do nothing enhance deserved honor and to a degree detract from it. If the statue is excluded it will insult many who served. Not willing to endure further insults some U.S.-born veterans will avoid the memorial altogether.

Below is link to a petition requesting original design be restored, with statue of RVN soldier. Please sign and send to others as you see fit.