Fight for Human Rights in Vietnam

March 9, 2012


Truc Ho, one of the organizers of the petition drive for Human Rights in Vietnam spoke to the delegates during dinner time on March 5, 2012.  He said that his idea for the petition was a grassroots movement from the people that was not engineered by any political party or organization.

That was the reason why he was upset in the EOB when he saw the listed title of the meeting on 3/5/12 as, "Briefing with the Vietnamese-American Leaders." He had it changed to "Briefing with the Vietnamese-Americans."

There was unity in the process: the Vietnamese-Americans stood up and came from all the 50 states to show their support for the fight for Human Rights in Vietnam. This power from the masses made such a historic event that he suggested that they remembered March 5 as THE DAY FOR HUMAN RIGHTS IN VIETNAM.

He mentioned that the fight will be long and hard. There will be some wins, some losses, and some drawn battles. But should they fail, they should remember to stand up and move forward. They had to move forward to generate action and to improve the lives of the people in Vietnam.

He added that he was first and foremost a musician, not a politician--a musician with political views. He first expressed these views when he escaped by boat from Vietnam. He said he could not live under communism and neither did the people in Vietnam. Viet Khanh's song had compelled him to do something for the people suffering under communism back home.

This Dragon year is the year of big changes and the coming of Vietnamese-Americans to Washington DC was one of these changes.


The Democratic Party of Vietnam Thanks President Obama for Holding Briefing to Discuss Human Rights Violations in Vietnam


Dr. Ngai Nguyen at White House briefing 03/05/2012 (Photo: Business Wire)


Following a briefing at The White House today, Dr. Ngai Nguyen thanked President Obama for hosting the Vietnam-American community and discussing the continuing human rights violations by the government of Vietnam. “The Vietnamese government continues to wage a brutal crackdown against human rights advocates,” said Dr. Ngai, after receiving a signed Proclamation from the President designating 12/10/2011 as Human Rights day and the week beginning 12/10/2011 as Human Rights week, “we support President Obama in his efforts to halt these abuses immediately.”

Dr. Ngai Nguyen, as the Vice Secretary of the Democratic Party of Vietnam, asked the President to do more by calling on the Vietnamese government to release all political and religious prisoners immediately and unconditionally. And if the Vietnam government is not responsive, Dr. Ngai said he will ask the U.S. government to re-designate Vietnam a “Country of Particular Concern” for its gross violations of human rights and religious freedom.