They Came, They Smiled, They Conquered

March 8, 2012

This was the largest and most pacific Vietnamese American demonstration in Washington DC.

They made a statement by just showing in DC on this cold morning of March 5, 2012.

They talked to President Obama's representatives they talked to congressmen and senators, they flooded the city with their smiles
their good will, their restrained but euphoric behavior, and specially their yellow flags.

They came from all the states in the US, even from Europe and Australia.

They were there for one purpose: solidarity with their countrymen in Vietnam who suffered badly for decades under the communist regime,
a fake and corrupt revolution that enslaved and killed more Vietnamese than previous colonialists.

They came invited by the White House after gathering more than 130,000 signatures in less than one month, a record for this type of petition.

They came young and old, males and females, united in spirit and good will and asked the President to take on the issue of Human Rights in Vietnam.

Never before had they been so united in their goals and purpose.

"The fight for human rights in Vietnam will be a long one," said Truc Ho, one of the organizers, "but Democracy will eventually prevail in Vietnam."