Thanks to the work of Mr. Quang Hong Mac, Dr. Chuong Van Trinh and Mr. Loi Thanh Ma in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the South Vietnamese flag (yellow with three red stripes) has been recognized as the flag of the Vietnamese refugees and raised at Philadelphia City Hall on April, 30, 2012.

To paraphrase Neil Armstrong who first walked on the moon on July 21, 1969, "This is a small step for the Vietnamese-Americans in Philadelphia, but a giant leap for the overseas Vietnamese community in general."

Congratulations to the Vietnamese community in Philadelphia.

(L-R) Knight Sor, Amy Kiyota, Chinh Dinh, Dr. Allan Wong, Mei Ren, Quang H. Mac, Huong Thien. Lam & young girls, Muhammad Mallick, Hon. David Oh, Loi T Ma, Dr. Chuong Trinh, Stanley Nguyen, DPC John J. Gaittens, Dr.Phuong Trinh and Quan Vuong


Dr. Chuong Van Trinh speaking in front of Philadelphia City Hall

South Vietnamese flag in front of City Hall


(L-R ) Loi Ma, Organizing ’s Secretary; Stanley Nguyen, Organizing’s member; Frank Bud Kowalewski. Honored guard’s Coordinator; Quang H. Mac, Organizing’s Chair; Hon. David Oh, City Councilman-At-Large; Daniels P. Thomas, India community ; Dr. Chuong Trinh, Co-Chair; Huy Au, RPh.; Muhammad Mallick , Pakistani Community and Diep Tran, RPh.

National of Wrath Commemoration
Monday April 30th, 2012 Philadelphia City Hall
T. Giang reported.

On Monday, April 30th, 2012, at 9:00am, for the first time in the City of Philadelphia, the program National flag of the Republic of Vietnam was solemnly held at the North site of City Hall. Members of the organizing committee consisted of Mr. Quang Hong Mac, Dr. Chuong Van Trinh and Mr. Loi Thanh Ma.

After a long campaign running by Mr. Quang Hong Mac, Chairman of the Vietnamese American Community of USA (VACUSA), the "Vietnamese Heritage and Freedom Flag Day" has been sponsored by Honorable David Oh, Councilman and was selected to commemorate on Monday morning, April 30th, 2012. This is an opportunity for the Vietnamese Americans in Philadelphia to commemorate the National of Wrath Day, and to thank the Government officials as well as the City Councils has signed the bill recognizing Vietnam Heritage Flag is the symbol of Liberty for the Vietnamese in this city of Philadelphia.

Participants on the part of government officials including the Philadelphia City Councilman David Oh, James Kenney, Williams K. Greenlee, Mark Squilla, Mr Seth Williams - City of Philadelphia District Attorney, Mr. John J. Gaittens – Deputy Police Commissioner and Inspectors General of Police of Philadelphia, Amy Kiyota – Executive Director of Governor's Advisory Commission on Asian American Affairs. Also presented in the ceremony was Judge James DeLeon, former Criminal Judge of the city. On the Asian delegates, we noted the presence of Dr Allan Wong - Vice Chairman, Philadelphia Police Asian American Advisory Committee (PPAAAC); Ms. Laurie Malone, Esq. Deputy District Attorney; Ms. Mei Ren - President of Greater Philadelphia Fujian Association; Mr. Daniel P. Thomas - Indian Community, Mr. Muhammad Mallick - Pakistani Community and Mr. Knight Sor - Cambodian Community. On the Vietnamese guests, we had female doctor Phuong Ngoc Trinh, Pharmacist Diep Tran, owner of ND Pharmacy; Mr. Phuong Do, owner of Diem Chau Pharmacy; Ms. Thu Tran, Esq. Community Legal Service; Mr. Thuc Van Phan, President of Quang Tri Association of Fellow-countrymen; Mrs. Thoa Thi Trinh, President of Hung Vuong Association; Mr. Phuoc Huynh and Hien Bien cameraman and photographer. Presence of the press included Mr. Quan Vuong - publisher of Van Hoa Ta Magazine; Mrs. Nguyen Hoa – publisher of the Rang Dong Sunrise Magaziner. Total more than one hundred fellow Vietnamese and the guests presented in support of the National of Wrath Commemoration Day.

To the religious leaders presented in the program to provide invocation included Father Joseph Huynh Cong Dinh - Priests of St. Thomas Aquinas Parish and Venerable Binh Thien Thich of Pho Da Temple, Camden, NJ. In addition, Monsignor Hugh J, Shields, the Pastor of St. Thomas Aquinas also present to give spiritual support for all the Vietnamese who participated in the program.

The veterans of the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces had contributed in saluting the American and Vietnamese flags with the help of Mr.Frank Bud Kowalewski , Vice President of Viet Nam Allied Veterans Association of Pennsylvania who fought in Vietnam and Mr. Phu Van Huynh , Vice President of the Vietnamese Veterans of the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces. In the exaltation of the event, six beautiful Vietnamese women in Vietnamese traditional dress reverently hold the yellow flag with three red stripes, the symbol of the Republic of Vietnam flag, while US-Vietnam national anthem echoed in a solemn atmosphere.

The program started with the salutation of the American flag and Republic of Vietnamese flag, moment of silence and wreath-laying ceremony to commemorate the death soldiers. Then, besides the presence of the Rev. Joseph Huynh Cong Dinh and Venerable Binh Thien Thich, started the prayer in both languages Vietnamese and English.

After the prayer, Mr. Quang Hong Mac, represented the Vietnamese Heritage & Freedom Flag Day Committee and as Chairman of the Vietnamese American Community in the United States-VACUSA read the opening speech. Continuing the program, the Councilman David Oh and other Council members sequentially read each section of the Proclamation of the City to recognize the flag of the Republic of Vietnam and decide April 30th of each year as the day for the Vietnamese in Philadelphia to salute the Republic of Vietnam flag and to commemorate The National of Wrath. The Resolution has been approved by fifteen Philadelphia City Councilmen, and signed by Honorable Darrell L. Clarke, President of Philadelphia City Council on April 12th, 2012. Thus, the Vietnamese Heritage and Freedom Flag Day will be held next year at 9am Tuesday April 30th, 2013. Please save this date for next year commemoration.

At the end, the City Councilmen gave the Resolution document to the representatives of the Vietnamese community included Rev. Huynh Cong Dinh, Venerable Binh Thien Thich, Mr. Quang Hong Mac, Dr. Chuong Van Trinh and Mr. Loi Thanh Ma..

Mr. John J. Gaittens, Deputy Police Commissioner on behalf of Honorable Charles H. Ramsey – Philadelphia Police Commissioner, Judge James DeLeon, and Amy Kiyota, in turn, gave speeches to congratulate.

The ceremony was ended successfully after the appreciation speech from Dr. Chuong Van Trinh, Co- Chair of the Organizing Committee.