Visiting the White House (03/05/2012)

March 6, 2012

The petition drive for respect of human rights in Vietnam was a hard-working but fairly straightforward part. Contacting the different delegations and representatives from different states was a little bit more difficult. Getting them to come to the Washington DC area on a short notice was even more difficult.

The majority came from the various US states. There were delegates from Europe, Canada, and as far away as Australia. The oldest supporter turned out to be a 93-year-old gentleman who willingly weathered the cold March DC morning in support for the Vietnam Human Rights Movement.

Some groups stayed in VA hotels and gathered at Eden Center (the Virginian Little Saigon) before moving into DC for a show of support. Others stayed in DC or MD hotels.

They all gathered in front of the White House before some of them (less than 200) entered the Old Executive Building for the meeting. The rest stayed remained outdoors in front of the White House or the OEB. They either carried the yellow flag or wore yellow with red-stripe-shawls.


1. From Eden Center in VA, getting ready to go to DC