April 30 is commemorated each year by the Vietnamese-Americans as a Day of Mourning to remember the loss of their country to the communists. Since that attitude is negative, they should look at it in a more positive way. April 30 should be a Day of Democracy and Freedom in Vietnam, which is their ultimate goal.

As of today, the Vietnamese have lived under the communists for 37 years (58 years for northerners) during which they have witnessed imprisonment, loss of freedom and human rights, corruption, poverty, and criminality. They could realize that no matter how bad or corrupt South Vietnam was in the 1960s or 1970s, it was many times better than the present communist regime. People could demonstrate and make their opinions known under the Thieu or Diem regimes and even topple them. Today, had they demonstrated against the Hanoi government, they not only landed in jails or concentration camps, but also disappeared into the thin air just like singer Viet Khang.

This is not to disparage the northerners, but to point to the fact that the ultimate culprit, Ho Chi Minh who introduced communism to Vietnam--a virulent snake that has changed the society for worse--was responsible before history and the nation for having led Vietnam into disarray and economic and cultural decay. Vietnam today ranked 172 out of 179 countries for Freedom of Press (2012), 112/182 for corruption, 139/179 for economic freedom and 141/183 for GDP per capita or $1,374 per year.


This is something Hanoi should be ashamed of. And forget about the westerners and some Americans--many of them now crowding elite US liberal schools--who still consider Ho to be a hero. They have never suffered or lived under communism and therefore do not know anything about communism.

Vietnamese-Americans should help fight for Freedom and Democracy in Vietnam and April 30, the day they lost their country should be the Day to re-establish Freedom and Democracy in the country. No one should rest until this goal is completed. Therefore, the Day of Mourning should be changed the Day of Democracy and Freedom.