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Abandoned Allies

“Abandoned Allies”/ is a documentary about the US government’s betrayal and abandonment of its closest allies during the Viet Nam War – the Montagnards of the Central Highlands of South Vietnam . Over 50 % of the Montagnards’ adult male population was lost fighting alongside the American Special Forces. They died in place of Americans and without their sacrifice there would have been hundreds more names on that somber black granite wall – The Vietnam Memorial. This documentary is narrated by Americans who fought and worked along side the Montagnards in Vietnam and those who managed to escape to the US .
Just before the fall of South Viet Nam in April 1975, the Montagnards were promised continued military aid by the American Embassy if they went into the jungles and continued their fight against the Vietnamese communists. They did what they were asked to do, and never received the promised aid.
From our “Abandoned Allies,” a group of 212 fighters and their families emerged from the jungles of Cambodia after 11 years of fighting, fled to a refugee camp in Thailand and resettled in the US in 1986. A second group of 400, dubbed the “Lost Battalion,” was located in Eastern Cambodia in 1992 and resettled in the US after 17 years of continued guerilla war. Only these few survived of the thousands who fled to the jungles to continue the fight against the Vietnamese communists; the others were either killed or died of disease and malnutrition and were buried in the jungle in unmarked graves.
The final betrayal of our “Abandoned Allies” occurred in February 2007, when the Ellen Sauerbrey the Assistant Secretary of State for Population, Refugees and Migration went to Vietnam and proclaimed to the world that the Montagnards were no longer being persecuted by the Vietnamese communists and they should stay in the Central Highlands and not flee to other countries to try to obtain refugee status.
This film also describes the continuing persecution and ethnic cleansing of the Montagnards in Vietnam at the hands communist government of Vietnam for their support of the United States .
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