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As you know, Nick Turse is a leftist ideologue who cares nothing for
the truth. Some of his distortions are mentioned in the book I wrote with
Tim Ziegler, To Set The Record Straight ( - Turse
"researched" the CID war crimes records at the National Archives and grossly
misrepresented their meaning. He also co-authored an article for the L.A.
Times in 2006 claiming that war crimes in Vietnam by the U.S. were routine
and widespread. John Boyle and I wrote rebuttals at

John Boyle: The L.A. Times' Recent War Crimes Reporting: Does
It Say What They Claim It Says?

Scott Swett: Still Slandering the Troops

Scott Swett: Did the LA Times Conceal Evidence of "Winter
Soldier" Lies?

It's important to note that the Army CID did a methodical investigation of
the claims of the VVAW's "Winter Soldiers" in the 1970s. In 2008, John Boyle
and I found and published the results of those investigations, which had
been unavailable for many years. Some of the VVAW propagandists refused to
provide evidence. Others recanted or modified their claims. The rest were
unable to support their claims with evidence. See:

Scott Swett: Newly Discovered Army Reports Discredit "Winter
Soldier" claims

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