Commentary: Trong Dat
This is Volume I of a commentary book (not History book b/c it encompasses too many topics) dealing with Vietnam under the communists from 1975 to today. The book written in Vietnamese by Duc Huy who has lived all his life in Vietnam is not available in Vietnam; abroad, it is available on Amazon as a Kindle ebook. Although the commies won in 1975, as time progresses, it appears like the South Vietnamese have won by converting the commies into capitalists.

The Winning Side

By Duc Huy

Chapter 1. April 30
South Vietnam lost b/c the US cut aid.
Bui Tin was no longer the person receiving the surrender of South Vietnam.

Chapter 2. Reeducation
It was only in 1976 that decision was made to jail people for three years on average; others would get 10-15 years. Lenin's rules as developed in the communist Manifesto were used in this process. The goals are: revenge and security.

Chapter 3: Socialization
Confiscation of properties, money exchange, new economic zones....these policies were designed to transform South Vietnamese society into a socialist one. This ended in FAILURE.

Chapter 4: Chinese Expulsion.  Extraction of money from Chinese.

Chapter 5: Wars against Cambodia, China

Chapter 6: Diaspora. Hanoi realized it could not control the South b/c its economic and social progresses; southerners unwilling to live under the communist system.
People were cheated out of their properties and monies should they decide to get out.

Chapter 8: Reunification

Chapter 10: Doi Moi. Gorbachev told Hanoi to liberalize the economy and demanded that Trường Chinh, Phạm Văn Đồng, Lê Đức Thọ resigned from the Politburo.  

1. Errors made by Hanoi
-by failing to capitalize on the economic advance of the South and
-by continuing to pursue post war communist policies.