Provided by Bill Laurie

Nguyen Quy An

Nguyễn Qúy An (born January 18, 1943) is a former Major in the Republic of Vietnam Air Force who risked his life to rescue four Americans in a downed chopper while he was on a different mission. For his actions he was awarded the United States Distinguished Flying Cross and Silver Star. In a subsequent combat mission he lost both of his arms when his helicopter was shot down during a combat mission.

In 1975, he was sent to a reeducation camp, but was released from only nine weeks later because of his disability. After a special law was enacted, Major An was granted legal residency and citizenship on October 31, 1996. However, this special consideration did not apply to his daughter, Nguyen Ngoc Kim Quy, who takes care of him, and additional efforts had to be made before she was able to come to the United States.
He now lives in San Jose.