Gen. Tran Van Hai

General Trần Văn Hai (1925-1975), then a colonel, had parachuted himself at the famous battle of Khe Sanh in 1968. He became commander of the 7th ARVN division in 1974 and was known as a brave and clean officer who also cared for his soldiers. In April 1975, President Thiệu offered to take him out of the country, but he refused. He remained at his post and was notified of a heavy concentration of enemy troops across the border in Cambodia. He called the CIA person requesting air support to blow them away. “We have them in the open.

Now is the time to get them…I need help. Help me, CIA man.” But the agent could not do anything and the general later watched hopelessly as the enemy crossed the border and overran his troops. General Hai committed suicide instead of surrendering to the enemy.

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