Gen. Le Nguyen Vy

General Lê Nguyên Vỹ (1933-1975), born in Sơn Tây, North Vietnam graduated from the Officers Candidate Course at the Regional Military School, MRII, at Phú Bài near Huế, class of 1951. He was a colonel at the battle of An Lọc in 1972. As the attack raged on and as the enemy got closer, he singlehandedly took an M72 antitank gun to blast away a communist T54 tank. He became deputy commander of the 21st ARVN division and in 1974 went to the U.S. for military training. On his return, he became commander of the 5th ARVN division.

When Saigon surrendered, he gathered his staff and bid them farewell. He locked himself in his office and shot himself with a Baretta 6.35. When the VC officer came to take over the military office, he calmly saluted the general and said, “This is how a general should behave.”

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