9 December 2012 Last updated at 00:28 ET

Vietnam breaks up anti-China protests

Rare protests have taken place in Vietnam over maritime territorial disputes with neighbouring China.

The protests in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi were quickly dispersed by police.

Tensions are high after an incident last month in which Hanoi accused Beijing of cutting the cables of a Vietnamese oil exploration ship.
Vietnam is also unhappy at a map in new Chinese passports that shows disputed areas of the South China Sea as Chinese territory.

Hundreds of people are reported to have taken part in the protests on Sunday morning against what they see as Chinese aggression and expansionism.
But the rallies were quickly stopped by the security police - after just 45 minutes in Ho Chi Minh City and half-an-hour in Hanoi.

Protesters told the BBC that Hanoi police had detained more than 20 activists.