Who Are You?

For having written and promoted Anh La Ai? Who are you? Vietnamese song writer/composer Viet Khang (born Vo Minh Tri) has been jailed by the communist government since December 23, 2011. His song, which expresses his belief in freedom of expression and human rights has been well received by the public. He has been brave enough to express in simple but poignant words the crimes committed by the Vietnamese Communist Party on the people of Vietnam.

As the song became a hit on the internet, it has been translated into French (by Figali) and English by an unknown singer. We have used his translation because it rhymes well with the tune of the song. Such was the appeal of the song that two Vietnamese-American organizations have launched a write-in campaign to ask President Obama to take a look at this case.


Tell me who are you?
Why jailing me? What have I done wrong?
Tell me who are you?
Why beating me without the slightest mercy?
Tell me who are you?
Why stopping me from professing
my love for this country
whose people have suffered so much?
Tell me where you're from?
Why stopping me from opposing China?
Tell me where you're from?
Why insulting me in our native tongue?
Tell me where you're from?
Why cowardly serving enemies
Then showing your hands stained in our blood?

I cannot sit still
When my country is collapsing.
My people will be sinking
into thousand years of eternal darkness.
I cannot sit still
For the future of my children.
What will be their roots
when this world has no trace of...Vietnam?
         (Translation from the Internet)

Dis-moi, qui es tu?
Qu'ai-je fait, pourque tu m'arrêtes?
Dis-moi, qui es tu?
Me frappant, sans la moindre pitié?
Dis-moi, qui es tu?
M'interdisant, d'exprimer
L'amour pour ce pays, et ce peuple a trop de souffrance!
Dis-moi, d'où viens tu?
M'empêchant, d'opposer à la Chine?
Dis-moi, d'où viens tu?
M'insultant, dans notre propre langue?
Quelle est ta racine?
Quelle raison, de servir l'ennemi?
Et laisser la trace
Que tes mains, trempées de nos sangs
Je ne peux me taire
Quand mon pays est, ébranlé
Et mon peuple va se noyer
Dans l' obscurité à l' éternité
Je ne peux me taire
Pour l'avenir, de mes descendants
Quelle sera leur racine?
Quand ce monde, n'a plus de Vietnam

Translation by Antoine Figali

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDWZtfErUZo&feature=related  Vietnamese (by Viet Khang)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wkcu_2SSlo&feature=related  Vietnamese (by Truc Ho)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsYGBm2qr5M   (English)