Latest Newsletter (#131 - September 2019)

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    Post-War Vietnam  Vietnamese-American  
  European Government comdems Vietnam human rights violations Communist atrocities  
  The sorrows of a POW's wife My April 30th  
  Ca Dao against Hanoi War stories  
  Dissent rises sharply in Vietnam Abandoned Allies  
  Vietnam losing charm Soldier and a politician  
  Hmong Christian beaten to death Background checks for gun purchases  
  No history test this year The day of the Republic of Vietnam  
  Vietnam's downward spirald LRCR Kimberly Mitchell  
  Bui Ngoc Tan When I died  
  North Vietnam a miserable country Vietnam! Vietnam!  
  Dr. Clauss Ruff References - Pictures  
  Yellow shirt with red stripes - college student in Hanoi Workers from IndoChina  
  Mourners clash with riot police Vietnamese Pilots  
  Impatience in Vietnam Never Lose the Light  
  Mail Stamp from Saigon Roadside Market in Houston, Texas  

How Communist Officials Were Behaving

Life on Pulau Bidong  
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    Vietnam War   A Free Vietnam  
  An ARVN Marine at Ben Hai Vietnam - landscapes  
  The last days of Saigon If one does not travel, one does not know  
  History of Vietnamese Modern Written Language Free Vietnam Act  
  Vietnam 1889 Which Path to Follow  
  Vietnamese Education Anh La Ai - To Lang singing  
  Reeducation Camps Tintin in Vietnam  
  Ngo Quang Truong A Body - A Scandal and China  
  The Battle of Thuong Duc A Peaceful Vietnam  
  The Spy Pham Xuan An Viet Khang  
    more ...   more ...  
Annual Conferences
4th Annual Conference (08/25/2012): Photos ; Videos: coming soon; Guest Speakers
  National Anthem
Westmoreland, The General Who Lost Vietnam (Lewis Sorley)
Revisting The Tet Offensive (James Robbins)
Marigold: The Lost Chance for Peace in Vietnam (James Hershberg)
Cultural Interlude (Phuong Chuong Trinh)
The History & Culture of Vietnam Through Her Postage Stamps (Gary McCone)
Recollections of the Fall of Saigon (Tom Glenn)
Long Term Agent Orange Health Effects (Veroncia Friel) SACEI 2012 Person of the Year
3rd Annual Conference (09/24/2011): Photos ; Videos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 , 9. 10
2nd Annual Conference (09/25/2010): Photos ; Interview (video)
1st Annual Conference - War and Remembrance (2009): Photos
Memorial Day: Photos
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